circloO is a physics platformer with circular levels that grow each time you collect a circle. Collect seven circles to complete each level.

There are fourteen levels, plus six hard mode levels.

If you like circloO, you might like the mobile Android app too, which has 47 levels in total! Get it here!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Dec 06, 2014
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(118 total ratings)
AuthorFlorian van Strien
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Abstract, circles, Colorful, Gravity, Minimalist, Physics, Singleplayer, skill
Average sessionA few minutes


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For anyone wondering, you can restart a level by pressing R

played it on mobile, easier on pc, great game

I like this

really creative

super good game, i've played both the first and second one

Fun game, gives me color blind test vibes


cool game

awesome game! simple and efficient controls, simple idea and great visual game style! I love it!


I absolutely love this game, i play it over and over when im bored, i even downloaded the mobile game! and.... im also dutch! :D


i love the music

im pretty sure this was an old flash game

Softlocked on level 2

You can restart with R


Nice game, and idea that i didn't even though about, simple not confusing. And the gameplay is nice. But i got softlock and Idk how to reset.


Press r then space


Not cool. bro, Stop trying to make poor peeps restart their level.

That guy literally asked how to reset

(1 edit) (-1)

how to do this part tho 

Edit: i got the circle and im still on the same level

is there a way it reset?

very nice game

(1 edit)

amazing and it's quite funny when you'll try to get over another circle and you get stuck on it

Deleted post

yes i remember this on collmath too

very fun


Somehow I have managed this on the tiny dot :)

(1 edit) (+2)

very nice game, I love it.


good job, And could we talk more about your job. My company have a highly interesting in this game


Hi, thanks! If you have an interesting opportunity, you can always contact me. I don't really like putting my email address on the internet for spam reasons, but you can send me a personal message at e.g. Kongregate with some more information; I can then give you an email address if I'm interested.

my Email is or; both is okay.

Great! Very fun, and a perfect difficulty level! :)


Great Design and smooth physics. Great Job :D

Great game very well made!

My god, this is so relaxing, and I love it!


The design here is really dope, but it's also more interesting than anything the player actually does in the game. I think it could be developed into something rad for sure.


This game is so cool! When can we get a level editor?


omg that would be so cool








Really amazing game! I hope you keep developing it!


Great job!

This is a great concept, I had fun while playing this game.

love it

awsome level design!

great job!