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very fun

Somehow I have managed this on the tiny dot :)

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very nice game, I love it.


good job๏ผŒ And could we talk more about your job. My company have a highly interesting in this game


Hi, thanks! If you have an interesting opportunity, you can always contact me. I don't really like putting my email address on the internet for spam reasons, but you can send me a personal message at e.g. Kongregate with some more information; I can then give you an email address if I'm interested.

my Email is or; both is okay.

Great! Very fun, and a perfect difficulty level! :)


Great Design and smooth physics. Great Job :D

Great game very well made!

My god, this is so relaxing, and I love it!


The design here is really dope, but it's also more interesting than anything the player actually does in the game. I think it could be developed into something rad for sure.


This game is so cool! When can we get a level editor?

Really amazing game! I hope you keep developing it!


Great job!

This is a great concept, I had fun while playing this game.

love it

awsome level design!

great job!