In this roguelike game with ascii graphics, you want to get rich by selling ancient artifacts from an old dungeon. There's only one problem: the artifacts are all cursed! Will you make it out of the dungeon alive? And how many artifacts will you take? Warning: the game is pretty hard!


  • Mouse: Examine things
  • Arrow keys or WASD: Move
  • . (dot): Wait a turn
  • Shift: Use an ability
  • I: Show your inventory
  • E: Show current status effects
  • Space/Enter: Select in menus and continue showing long texts
  • Backspace/Esc: Return from menus


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after a long time i finally managed to get the best ending by taking all of the artifacts.

I cant beat the third floor. This is painful and I hate it and I'm gonna keep playing. 

I did it guys! it only took 11 hours

this hard