Darkness is taking over your land, but you can still stop it! Upgrade areas by building villages, towers and more. The available upgrade is based on the adjacent areas and areas boost each other, so make sure to experiment and discover all possibilities. There are two ways to win; one of them is a bit harder if you like a challenge. Then play Extended Mode with more upgrades and three new ways to win.

Created for Ludum Dare 42. This is an updated version.

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tips for extended: Go for the research win, focus on getting mana and the potion factory, use potions of light whenever you can


This is a terrific game!

The encroaching darkness as well as the gradual maxing out your tile upgrades adhere strongly to the theme, but what I really love about this game is the gradual reveal of its depth and the different strategies you might be able to use to win.  Just when you think you've figured out, "OK, so I can also build cities for a research victory," you discover, "whoa, there's a potion factory?"


i enjoyed this a lot !!! :- )