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very epik

gg ez :)

Yes is it no bob

f**k u b!tch yes bob how abt that 

This was fun so i bet Final Earth 2 would be better


you guessed it right,

Really cool game !

Deleted post

:(, doesn’t load on ipad

kys bitch

Deleted 2 years ago
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I would love a Linux port for this

The other game is maybe better but this is the first so its pretty good


I'm such a fan of you Florian! I absolutely love your games! I hope you continue to have the inspiration to make such unique games! ;D


can i have the sorce code?

here orchid hangar dance all night  stats coolmath

love it!

Games awsome


Cute game! Very enjoyable for the short playtime. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the source code! I'm trying to get a gamemaker studio game working on an HTML5 embed but the only thing that loads is the color outside of room region. I'm going to mine your code to see what i'm doing wrong.

did it filed it with a lot of things mainly stone miners and wood choppers


Fun little game, kind of disappointed when the population stopped growing though

yeah it is kinda disappointing

ur fucking disappointing bitch

Plan on updating this anytime soon?


There is a second game.

this is on brower

Nice game! One of the few games I kept playing after an initial test. 

Its a cute game. Short and fun!


Fun little game! Would spend money on a sequel :)


lol gamee