The Final Earth 2 is a futuristic colony management game.

The earth is unlivable, so you decide to create a space colony. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future! Make your city grow from a single exploration ship to a huge metropolis, full of advanced technology. Fly to other worlds with space ships, or even build teleporters.

What will you build? If you build a really cool city, feel free to link to a screenshot in the comments!

You can now join my Discord, too! Share your cities, ask quick questions and talk to other players!

Join my Discord to chat!

You can also play the game on Android!

Play The Final Earth 2 on Android!

Extended Version

Please wishlist this game on Steam if you like it! This Steam version will be released later this year and contain many new features. But don't worry: I will still keep updating this web version as well!


  • Build a huge city with thousands of inhabitants, all fully simulated!
  • Over fourty different buildings to discover!
  • Great, fully original music by Stijn Cappetijn!
  • Discover the story in scenarios, or go wild in Free Play mode.
  • There might even be a secret society...

Thanks for playing!

Also available on

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Hey guys .just asking my refined metals keep going down which building uses it?tysm.

computer chip factories

upgrade die shrink to reduce the use of refine metal

what is experimental farm? how to get?

i just unlocked factory pub and idk what the experimental farm is.

also i exported from coolmath so some buildings that i should have unlocked i haven't gotten yet. for example i just got mechanical house after placing another machine part factory when i already had over 10

experimental farm is in unique buildings category.

it produces food for citizens.

Earth 2 guida 馃槏

more progress


The Final Earth 3 Has been leaked!!! Here is a screenshot!!!

I think I broke the screenshot function... maybe I caused a buffer overflow?

Does anyone know how to make a protected forest? It's a mission for the Hippies!

(1 edit)

tap on the forest and tap protect. 

awesome! thanks!


Well I tried:)

I... guess




I'm still the king.



Uhhh guys i heard that there is something like when u destroy a building,u get half the materials back.May i know which function it is ?ty

I can鈥檛 find it either is there such thing?

(1 edit)

there is. Go build the workshop. You can get up 90% of the materials back after upgrading sustainable building

thank you JR

Deleted 29 days ago

The final earth 2:help!I need help I can鈥檛 find my earth is it auto save?or what I restarted my city haiz 

(1 edit)

press continue on the start page

I can鈥檛 I think my game died:(

accidentally deleted previous city

have to


(1 edit)

quite fun oh yeah…….hi I鈥檓 tt

Deleted 37 days ago
Deleted 37 days ago
Deleted 36 days ago

I know that but is not like anyone knows u here except for me so yeeee

i cant even play 

 Any Idea as to why all of these people are down here? They are all ages but 20-40 seems to be the most common. I noticed a ton of them trying to claim residence in the secret society of the key earlier.

They were breaking the rules.

wow. i like the australia continent in your building

I guess even a tiny rock would destroy my building.

My aspect ratio is 1856 : 5

a way to build your city past the planet horizontally would be cool

so im at 2.5k people and i have run into the issue of: wtf is the comunity house? i have unlocked everything yet still can not find it

Its a house that can produce wood stone and food and it has high quality

well. You can get community house if you complete the blossoms hippies task of having 1 protected forest. I hope you didn't bribe them

Hi! How do I get the protected forest? I can't figure it out!

You click on a forest and change it's settings to protected so people can't cut it down.

No matter what I do I can't get refined metals above 250.  Any ideas?

temporarily turn off the microchip factories and build more refined metal factories.

dont forget to make it more convenient for your citizens to get to the refine metal factory by building teleporters.

I have everything up to 100 percent happiness except home happiness.  I've upgraded all the homes.  What else can I do?

fully upgraded homes does not mean 100 hapiness. There is only a few types of homes that when fully upgraded gives 100 happines

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Loved playing this game on my browser but it refuses to launch from the app

(1 edit)

I found a bug. Look at the picture below, it didn't take  a picture of my city correctly. A long thing, but no city to be seen.

(1 edit)

how do I go to the next scenario? I have done all task鈥檚 but accidentally clicked cancel, I don鈥檛 know how to go to it now.

by the way, hello people!

(1 edit)

You can click on the menu button and press new city

Go menu .press next scenario hello


oh uh

what do i need to unlock the park pod


other buildings

I'm confoozed

Living research center on the unique buildings list

Oh thanks

pathetic I have 29560712 idk how help

Food is like the biggest problem at the start and then you have abundance at the end




Oh yeah there's this strategy I made for when I make a RMW (random mini worlds) that basically when I start it up I have a little more materials (most of it is for getting spare machine parts). I have a screen recording of it btw but this is how to do it:

1. place a workshop anywhere

2. upgrade the thing until you cant anymore

3. find and destroy all (or any amount you want it doesn't matter tbh) of the landing pads

4. you now have more materials


(1 edit) (+1)

What is the best way to develop my city efficiently? I am still pretty new, with less than 1000 citizens.

make a 3x90 tower with a hyper elivator everey 3 blocks

Wow my class is playing this for school


Lucky u .u can ask final earth 2(player) what we do during class

(1 edit)

Me: ummm why 1926987 food?

beautiful game but it took me a while to realize what the difference in looks was with the computer research and factory

why can鈥檛 I import my file

You;re on a mobile device



Deleted 108 days ago

well me personally, i know multiple people named rice. Its pronounced "ree-s"




im building a hotel as big as that.


guys i found a mini steve 



(1 edit)

how do u get into freeplay mode

Edit: found out

oh man




Oh man

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