The Final Earth 2 is a futuristic colony management game.

The earth is unlivable, so you decide to create a space colony. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future! Make your city grow from a single exploration ship to a huge metropolis, full of advanced technology. Fly to other worlds with space ships, or even build teleporters.

What will you build? If you build a really cool city, feel free to link to a screenshot in the comments!

You can now join my Discord, too! Share your cities, ask quick questions and talk to other players!

Join my Discord to chat!

Extended Version

Please wishlist this game on Steam if you like it! This Steam version will be released later this year and contain many new features. But don't worry: I will still keep updating this web version as well!


  • Build a huge city with thousands of inhabitants, all fully simulated!
  • Over fourty different buildings to discover!
  • Great, fully original music by Stijn Cappetijn!
  • Discover the story in scenarios, or go wild in Free Play mode.
  • There might even be a secret society...

Thanks for playing!


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That looks amazing! Really nice structure.

Thanks for the comment. I was not intentionally going to have it look that way but there is it. 😁

Is there any way a creative mode could be added to the game? As in, unlimited resources for one of the worlds. Thx :)

Hey all! It's great to see your cities and feedback. You can now also join my Discord if you want to chat!

Of course, I'll keep checking here regularly as well, the Discord is just a new option.

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Any difference between the version posted here and the one on Poki? I noticed that the Poki version didn't have a fullscreen button but it autodetects if you put the browser in full-screen mode now. Are there any gameplay differences?


I don't Believe There Is Any Difference In Game Play, Besides The Full-screen Issue.


No, there should not be any differences! If you want fullscreen, you can also go to


This is My Nice Utopia. I keep running out of stone tho :|

Nice city. I would change the current housing. Replace it with homes that give off more happiness. Just a suggestion.

I don't really Understand Whats Important About The Happiness?

Your people are more productive when they have high happiness. Also, the medical center's birth control policy mentions happiness as a requirement for high birth rates too.

o yeah

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Very nice. Few things jump out at me:

1) It takes time for your people to go vertically in the building (if you CTRL-Click and follow a citizen around you can see) so you may want to put some elevator landings or teleporters in the middle of your tall buildings to reduce travel times.

2) You've got way more stone teleporters than your miners can actually handle. I'd double or triple your current number of mining buildings. You've also got way more tree farms than your woodcutters can handle but I would probably just get rid of maybe 2/3 of your existing tree farms as wood is generally not needed in high quantities once you're producing metal and computer chips.

3) Research labs have upgrades that gives a bonus to food or tree farms in the four tiles around them. Since you generally need a lot of food and research, I've found it good to have like a checkerboard pattern with research labs and farms so nearly every farm is getting that bonus.

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Yes, I used The Labs To Boost The Farms So I am Producing About 1600-2500/day. Also, I added Hyper Elevators To The Top And Bottom Of The Building. Also, Good Point About The Stone, Thanks For The Advice!


And I Added Some More Elevators.

Looks great! I like the building on the right!

You Should Make It So You Can Copy And Paste A Certain Amount Of Buildings, That Would Save A Lot Of Time. Don't You Think?

does anyone know what the blue thing/resource on final earth 2 is? And how to get more of it?

the blue resource thing is the Refined Metal. You get it from building the Refined Metals factory in the Production tab of buildings. You need a lot of stone in order for it to produce Metal though.

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Does anyone know how you take a photo of your city on an IPad and fit the whole city in one photo?

It Is In The Game Menu And It Looks Like A Little Camera

I don,t see it. I will just take the photo with my phone and put it up

must be cut off the screen. That can happen with mobile.


I wonder when the next update will be


Archipelago map -- almost to the 10k limit




That looks like u would have enouhg for the super computer

He does. He has Supercomputer and has enough resources to build three more.

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Yup, all the unique buildings including super computer plus a pub for the secret society to "take over" are on the tiny floating island on the bottom right.

Nooooooooo it Just restarted all my progress And i worked so hard on it is there anyway i can get it back?!?!?!?

Hey, I'm really sorry you lost your progress! I'm afraid this is something that sometimes happens with browsers and I can do nothing to bring it back.

However, I can give you a save file with lots of resources that may help you to get up to speed: (right click/hold -> save link as)

Let me know if you need this for another scenario!

In the future, it's a good idea to regularly Export your save file from the Game Menu.

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Thank you so much this will help me so much i will just use it on one file because i worked a lot on it and forgot about the others and  so I don't over use it because it is broken

i had to build lots of farms because there was like 1000+ people living but its Alright i built them up fast.

Hi my progress has been restarted too Is it becuse my account wa deleted from my chrome book? I exported my save file so why is it gone?

If you exported your save and still have that file, you can Import it from the game menu.

How do I remove the alien ruins? I used to know how, but I forgot

When you go on the game and go into a world, click on the tab that lets you place down trees and forests and grass. There will be a box with an X through it. You use that tool to then get rid of the Alien Ruins.

Hmm, that doesnt seem to be working.

Well then I am out of ideas

I was experimenting and found out that if u go to the building tool that lets u change how you build, use the Big X out box in that tool area. That should delete the Alien Ruins.

I never knew this

Use the replace mode to replace the ruins with another building then destroy the building 

Will there ever be a final earth 3?I hope there s because I love to play this game. also if you update this game, can you put in a option to have unlimited resources so you can ‘Make the City of your dreams’ with out building a big city to get the nessacary resources and then having to tear it down? I rate this game 999999999/10

the game wont load for me

does anyone know how to solve this problem

use a different browser?

I have a problem. After unlocking the machine, when I scrolled over it, the tab appear on the left and I can’t read what it says or what it costs so I don’t know how to build it. Can anyone tell me what it costs?

20000 food, 

10000 wood, 

5000 stone, 

10000 machine parts, 

250 computer chips

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This game is really cool, and quite addicting! I was just wondering, as there was a game maker file for final earth 1: is there a way to mod final earth 2? Just wondering.

Edit: Wait, I just realized that there is no water in this game. Shouldn’t all of my citizens die within a week? Still great game!

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This was my first playthrough, The great city of New Moskow, with the new regime of the Key, led by Yehudi, age 634, with his top advisors have allowed this city to thrive.

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As it turns out Eotra some people have more than 4000, i've got 5500 and i am slowly producing more HUMANS to do my SECRET SOCIETY COUNCIL's bidding. (sorry Eotra i sound a bit like a smart arse, I'm just very competitive)This city is named NEW NEW MOSKOW until my unintelligent self thinks of a new name. Also rip my exploration vehicle in both saves. If anyone would like to make an actually decent name or even story for this place feel free to, i'd much appreciate it. My Secret Society is led by, yep, once again, YEHUDI, but this time he has his mysterious advisors, SLY and MINER. I probably spent an hour trying to find a human being with that name, I have an issue.

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This was also my second playthrough

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I wanted to have traffic so i only used teleporters at housing districts and transportation hubs

Hey, that's a really nice city! I really like how the different worlds look so different with various colors. And 5500 people is a lot! Thanks a lot for sharing, I enjoyed looking at it (and at your other city as well!)

I'm not going to try to come up with a good name, I'm not great at that. But I'm sure you or someone else can come up with something great!

I think it's quite impressive that you found a citizen named Yehudi; there are 8887 possible names. :P

Did you make the city on the mega world above features without unlimited resources? If so then WOW, that must've taken a WHIIILLLLEEEE

I mean i made this city in about 8hrs at school using a mac laptop in biology cuz we dont do crap in there, but its still ugly and the city way up in the description is AMAZING

This game i really fun but i have a question. Howcome theres only two scenarios(apart from the ones like mega world). Pls make more scenarios i wanted to see the story

I'll make more scenarios later!


just turned my pathfinding limit up to max!

I saw the cacao farm and chocolate factory in the fandom. I know it is not included in the game, but it would be cool if it did. Mr. Florian, if you are reading this, just hear me out. In the fandom it said you decided to not include this into the game because it had no purpose. What if the cacao farm produced cacao, but a sub-type to food. And the chocolate factory produces five food per chocolate made(it doesn't make chocolate jut food) and it affects happiness per chocolate made. If you do decide to include this, this could lead to amazing possibilities with the sub-types. Like sugar farms for candy factories or purple wood farm(it says purple wood when exploring an alien ruins) and create cool things. I would appreciate if you replied back. I love the game by the way. 10/10

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I found an interesting note after pressing a strange new button in a building menu. It appeared to be a message from the developer about climate change. I am not going to tell what was in it or where I found it because I do not want to spoil it. Has anyone else seen this before?


I just found it.



I wonder if Florian meant something in his reply to me below...

"...if you don't like a huge night club you can go to the tiny elephant club."

I truly appreciated this message. I have been on the front lines of climate change action years ago and it's an unfortunately tough battle and finding that Easter egg in a game such as this was awesome and totally appropriate in my opinion.

Keyp Building! ;)

Thank you for your response!

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Wow. This is an incredibly fun way to engage my creative mind while I'm doing my monotonous job. My mood has been better and I've actually been more productive! I thought I'd share my city... Neo Keyaris! -=Spoilers=- It's a fun work in progress. At this point taking about 3 days at work. I let them thrive last night and build upon their level :) Happiness. 

The 2000 Citizens of Neo Keyaris have truly been followers of the Key 8. Their Leader Risa, now 2280 years young, along with Toni, Dallas, Zorine, Salomon, Pansie, Cyrillus and Gilbertina led them to create the city in the Society's image. 

They focus now on the fabled Hackers of the Bolt HQ... or other exciting new challenges along their path! Neo Keyaris

For the Key!

What do y'all think? Did you find my Easter Eggs? Any suggestions?

Also... How did the Society of the Key decide to choose the COOLEST PUB that's out of the way down under? 

Really though does this exist anymore? lol THANKS FOR THE FUN!

Hackers of the Bolt HQUniques,House1000 wood, 25 machine parts, 100 refined metal, 25 computer chips63 Arcades, 250 knowledge

Great city and story! I probably didn't spot all easter eggs, but I really liked the various patterns, like the key and the arrow to the place where it all began. And there's plenty of choice in night clubs - if you don't like a huge night club you can go to the tiny elephant club.

And I'm happy I brought you fun, and even improved your productivity! The Bolt will be in the next update.

(by the way: just a friendly reminder to Export your save from the game menu, it would be a huge shame to lose it if your browser decides to be stupid!)


Hi I'm new and would like some tips on ways to earn food since I'm currently at 0 and I'm very confused on how to earn more since I did build the indoor farm but it's not moving


Hi Dragon Lotus! People eat food continually. So if you have a lot of people, you may need multiple Indoor Farms. Hover/(touch and hold on mobile) on the food icon for some more information.


Thanks so much for the advice(◕ᴗ◕✿)


I have plenty of jobs and plenty of resources. 


does anyone have more than 4000 people? if not I'm the champ at this gam

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Yeah, its not really a matter of skill, but once your population is at 2000 you do need to go to the population tab and raise the limit up, (may cause lag and/or frame drops) edit:....i misread that so hard.....

hahaha its all good. but yeah the game gets really laggy once you get over 2000 people

the society of the secret key was quite demanding... i might have over done it. This is my first play through after all and i... didnt handle it too well lol, i love my farming system~ but are eco farms more efficient?

They are but they are barely better that the normal farms.

So, with the experimental farm and the addition of a lab with the genetic crop engineering upgrade... indoor farms are superior?

Does anyone know if the Cacao Farm on the Fandom is real? And if it is, how do I unlock it?

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its in the files, but isnt used, like an appendix: something that u dont need or dont use


That's where you're wrong if you didn't have an appendix you would die because it holds all the toxic fumes that are harmful to you.


oh no that sucks

wait why do we remove it

It was removed from the game due to the creator not having a use for it

I love my city a lot and I have a lot of resources and 99 happiness, but I’ve been playing it on coolmathgames on mobile and will have to give up the device by the end of the year. Is there any way to save it or do I have to rebuild it from scratch??

If you have an Android device, you can Export your save from the game menu. Then save the file to a cloud service (e.g. Google Drive) and open it elsewhere. On iOS, I'm afraid this is not possible right now because of platform restrictions.

I finally got to 1000 people!! I am so happy! Also, is there a glitch in the indoor farms? I can’t seem to get any food, it just stays on 0. Oh, and is there a limit on how high you can stack things? Because otherwise you could literally just build up to the sky and that is not the best idea. 
Keep up the good work and I absolute LOVE this game!!! 

Try using eco farms if you have them unlocked. Also put your cursor over your food supply and see how much food is eaten over much is grown.


Congratulations on reaching 1000 people! They do eat a lot, so you may need some more farms. You can also try boosting them with labs.

You can build far higher than the sky :)

I am not sure why but this is the only pub that has a key symbol on it???

opposed to

    /\                                                        /\                        /\

The Key claim their own pub!

Where's the secret society?

just wondering if the hackers of the bolt was a thing or not, thanks.

It will be in the next update!

don’t mean to be rude but do you have an estimate for when that would be

Hey, definitively not a rude question. I'm afraid I'm very bad at estimates of this. I'll mostly be occupied with other work in the coming period. This is fun work, but it does mean that I will have limited time to work on this game.

And I still have a considerate backlog for the next update. I would say it should take two weeks to a month, but it may well take longer. I'm considering just releasing the Bolt and related buildings separate from the rest of the update.

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How do you extend the buildings adjacently from the original building? (Like a bridge)

Is there an update for this game I hope there is

Florian is there a way to make my computer chip factories make more without me having to build more??? Also here is my city currently.

There's an upgrade in the computer chip factories and in the research center. Also make sure your citizens are well educated!

I still like your city!


is it possible to go back to a world if youve move after building the observatory

Yes, as long as you don't choose to overwrite the save!

how tho

Go to your scenarios tab in the menu with the 3 lines, and tap on the one you want to go to


when is it on steam? its now 2020 i realy want to download it on steam this is a great game 

Hey, I'm glad you are excited for the Steam release; I am too! I just want to make sure it has enough new content, I hope that's understandable!

that's even better. This game has so much potential i have a YouTube channel so when it comes out on steam I will do a lets play of it :)


Do you like my city? It took me a few hours and a few attempts though...


Yeah! I especially like how you used the door colors and the fact that you created one, big restaurant!

Thank you very much 

I used to have one bigggggg night club  and a really big park but my save file mysterious disapperad 


This game is great although i have a HUGE suggestion that could make it even better, how about you can build something that if you have a bunch of resources, can build a exploration ship, which can be used to create a new colony thats directly linked with the one you started with, so you can chose to send people and resources as you please to create a new, eventually self sustaining colony that can then again launch another ship


I really like that idea i feel it would be nice to do that but wouldn't it get boring after you start another colony then give it like 10000 of each resource???

So for your idea specifically, perhaps you have to build highly expensive ships that can only be used once just to transport, say 100 wood or 50 stone, it would incentive's working on your other colony first, and perhaps you can eventually be able to a deep space teleport, or commercial rocket taxis of some sort so that you can eventually slowly or even later instantaneously transport stuff and people between the two colonies to the point where someone could work at one colony but live on another. 


Yeah, I thought about that before and I think it would be a good idea. That would probably of a semi-planned Rocket update. But I'm still working on another update now (and am really busy with non-gamedev work), so I'm afraid it might take a while yet.

that is an awsome idea

dang i just thought of something just as cool, what if you could encounter aliens and chose to deal with them violently or diplomaticly

Even better


My city is now a lot bigger because I now have almost 1000 total people

Nice Park Pod shapes! (and rest of the city!)

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