The Final Earth 2 is a futuristic colony management game.

The earth is unlivable, so you decide to create a space colony. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future! Make your city grow from a single exploration ship to a huge metropolis, full of advanced technology. Fly to other worlds with space ships, or even build teleporters.

What will you build? If you build a really cool city, feel free to link to a screenshot in the comments!

You can now join my Discord, too! Share your cities, ask quick questions and talk to other players!

Join my Discord to chat!

Extended Version

Please wishlist this game on Steam if you like it! This Steam version will be released later this year and contain many new features. But don't worry: I will still keep updating this web version as well!


  • Build a huge city with thousands of inhabitants, all fully simulated!
  • Over fourty different buildings to discover!
  • Great, fully original music by Stijn Cappetijn!
  • Discover the story in scenarios, or go wild in Free Play mode.
  • There might even be a secret society...

Thanks for playing!

Development log


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Completed the game and I intend to keep going as long as my laptop will let me. shooting for all villas and constant:D. I'm at :D now.

How do i make stone miners mine other stone teleporters not just one?

buen juego me encanto pero no se entrar en el modo free play y coloque la plataforma para las naves y cuando miro no me aparese que aya despegado traído algo nada entonces me ayudan en eso ? a y soy niño así que espero que alegres a muchos niños y niñas como ami :)
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Need help: computer had kernel panic!, and I was playing the final earth 2

Is there any way that I can retrieve my save data?

Playing last  5 WEEKS AGO!  

Update idea: 

Auto save:(I have LOTS of iCloud space)

Maybe it Autosaves to iCloud every 2 minutes

bot it saves the web version into the cache for chrome


It also makes a file (please make it openable in nano)on its first save

That contains a .exe file so you can possibly 0ay it offline and a .sav file that contains the save data

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Do you have plans for any future updates?

Also, does the pub with a key on it have any relation with the Society of the Key?

Also, by your own calculations, what do you think is the best strategy for increasing wood? Like, what's the recommended ratio of woodcutting centers and tree plantations?

Also, can multiple labs increase the production of a single indoor farm/eco farm/tree plantation? And if we have a bunch of farms interwoven with labs, how do we compromise this with the fact that by-product recycler building needing to be in contact with a farm?

Also, are eco farms a straight upgrade to indoor farms, or is there any advantage to indoor farms besides it being cheaper?

Also, what upgrades do improve production in community houses?

Also, what is the advantage of Cutting-Edge houses over something like a fully-upgraded spacious house? And what's the gain of a Penthouse over a Villa? Like, I see that most of each house can have their advantages and disadvantages.

Will the beacon ever have a function?


hey florian are you developing another game

Can i make a yt vi

Of course you can make a YouTube video (I assume you mean that)!

How to i remove an scenario

you can't remove them, but you can replace them: click new game then choose a different scenario then click whichever save slot you want to override.

Ohhh :(

i have may

You cant remove them (to my knowledge) But you can overwrite the save data by saving a game in the same saveslot

Its an great game!

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i wonder if google avago can beat me at this game?? (most likely NOT

i mean, you COULD do it that way

I call it the Infibuilding


not as much capacity but cleaner to look at and relativley an ok world (so far)
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can we have a lua shell in the supercomputer? (lag)

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I just want to say thank you for this update because, whether it was you or not, it really improved my game and reduced a lot of my lag. Plus I love the new buildings and objectives, it gives me more to do now.

You're welcome :D

Yeah, reducing lag was one of the goals of the update, so I'm happy that worked! I'll hopefully make the game work even more smoothly in the future.

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Reduced lag for 100000 people world (like a lot)

the update has a bug: When i upgrade a building(nightclub, population lilit: 10000 (and i have enough to do all of them except one(trough the new management menu), the gui will display that they are all upgraded, but they look like there are being more nightclubs being built(how do i insert a save file(.sav) 

I can't stop stacking things for some reason

haha, wow! that's a loooooot of buildings and well done for 100 happiness for over 14 days!

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wow, i cant get above 90 happiness with this beast

keep up the great work Nova

update: i made somemore schools, librarys, and art buildings and im now :D

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how do i run the game? can't find a .exe file anywhere

ah, nevermind. i'm on the desktop application

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NEED HELP!   I cannot get the objectives back!

for what? if it's secret society or something like that then you have finished their 'quests.'

if u were completing one of the scenarios then u have completed it.

or maybe it's just a bug, idk

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finished second scenario but the hackers and hippies update is giving me new buildings but no objectives

I've finished secret society tasks and main tasks

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the update doesn't give you any new objectives

Edit: sorry, what I meant to say was some of the new buildings don't have objectives.

I believe it does actually, like the Hackers of The Bolt HQ, and those hippies.

they gave me tasks

The objectives to unlock something are there but not the mian objectives

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It honestly might just be a bug sometimes, or you have an older version of the game maybe. You also could have actually finished all of them too.

I DID!!!

Hey I might have said this already but this game is amazing, definitely one of my favorite games on itch. I'm currently in the process of finishing the new scenario (I'm really slow sadly) and it's amazing and the new buildings are a m a z i ng and I can't get enough of the libraries, there are libraries everywhere help

i have finished the second scenario

Good job!

One constructive criticism I have is that sometimes I'm trying to set a job to max priority that didn't already have a high priority and there are a lot of the jobs so I have to click a ton to get it all the way to max priority. Maybe there could be two new buttons next to the preexisting ones that takes the job priority all the way to max and one that takes it all the way to zero?

u can control click on the job priority to set it to max, shift click to set it to zero and normal click it to set it to the current amount of jobs

how do i get a computer chip factory?


The computer research center

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can we increase the limit

I wonder how do you deal with all the lag, or do you not have any

LAG is INSANE but not too bad

NO lag now but A LOT when i started

what do the libaries produce

They make people smarter, which makes them better at their jobs.

ok because i thought that they were like schools in real life, they mmake the children smarter and the children pproduce knowledge

i played the first version of this in my school days

this is amazing, i'm having a wonderful time

Hmmph... My save is VERY good

smart children smart children infact to smart

another bug and now we stuck

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i found a bug no groudn OLD STUFF i fixed it by logginh in O SON OF A GLITCH And i forgot to take a picture of it

This should hopefully be fixed now!

90% of the pop r children  0_0

lol the 0 food th

ahem xD

I don't know what I did but i broke the beacon and can now place a ton of little "beacon poles" all over the place

Oops I'll have to fix that sometimes... I'm afraid the beacons won't survive a reload anyway as they're not saved.

Rip i was experimenting and trying to find bugs in an alt save

I guess imma explain what i did

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I made a "bridge building" above the beacon and then destroyed the beacon so i guess that bridge buildings are a bit glitchy because i found some other issues caused by them

Thanks! If you happen to remember those other issues, it'd be very helpful if you could post them too!

what are beacons

you get them from having 100 happiness (or over) for 14 days

oh. because i am in self isolation and i have food shortage unhappieness in game


hey! does anyone know what is the best education someone can get?

this is the best I've got 

the best education is great, but that is the highest i can get (i have 1000 schools for 10000 people in total)

but with the libraries i think u can get exceptional

i think exceptional is like the intermediate level

but if you follow a citizen then you can see that great comes before exceptional

hey! THERE IS A SECRET CODE called 'stats'

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also, i have too much stuff

lol my highest is 290 cuz i literally just kept stacking eco farms for no reaso

so many ships in one place

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I have everything (except the fun of making secret codes and trying them out because I have to use my iPad because my computer is being updated and we have hybrid fibre cable(which is very very slow) )

woohoo!!! i left my computer on for 600 (ingame) years and one of my citizens reached the age of 1000!

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10k People all employed and happy. Next step is giving everyone a villa.

wth, that is freaking AMAZING!!! how long did this take you???

you do have too many labs with your farms though

there needs to be a secret code that give you more tasks

good god that's tall lo

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umm? does anyone think this is weird (i am using bing as my browser(just kidding))

This is my oldest person, but this is really out of date, she is like 628 now...

What is the secret code for the Hackers of the Bolt HQ? I met all of the other requirements already....

there is no secret code, it's in the new update

can we make the limit more

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