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if your wondering about what that freaky design is, im just an art freak, so i take pride into making everything more difficult that it needs to be, but im the worst when it comes to games

So Yeah, Is This any good to anybody, just did this in one day. Painful process, but a very fun experience. Working on getting the supercomputer first, then i will work on society and 100 happiness Xp

Really nice city! I like all these interesting building shapes.

man, that is amazing

sorry if these comments are late, im just more of a late night gamer.

Don't worry me too

What im thinking is there could be a way to buy more chunks of land, like, to add to the already existing ones, and can only be accessible after building The Machine. Each size could also cost more, and even cost more a of a more rare recourse than the last.

that's a cool idea, I would love to see that in the future

I feel like big noob, im doing way worse than the last time i played, i managed to mess up and put my computer chip factories on another island on the opposite side of the map from where my main house building is, and space ships are useless. Now i have to wait for the factories to produce 2-3 chips a day, even tho they are maxed, before i can get the teleporters to end this pain xD

Got the happiness statue!

Also is there any more building you can get after The Machine? I just love the game and hoped there was more to it, and is there a thing for having 5000+ people? 

Right now I'm afraid there's no more! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game! I do hope to release updates in the future with more buildings.

What are some codes you have? Because I have only found one. 

There are not that many codes yet, just two (one for signing up to the mailing list, which you can do at, and one you've already found!). Maybe I'll add more in the future, I do have some ideas that could be cool/funny!

I finally built The Machine 

well done

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Florian please make a way to save the world In itch.Io. I just reached 4000 people and I went on just now to see all my progress deleted. 

Also please make more games like this  and maybe add a way to transport resources from one world to another. That would be cool. 

Oh and sorry about how long the message is I write a lot when distraught

Edit: I agree with dominiPOL that there should be a sandbox

A multi player would also be nice

To save a world between computers and websites you have to use "export" and then on the other computer or website use "import" and select the correct save file. (Sorry if it seems complicated, i am bad at explaining things).

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1. I play on mobile

2. It deleted my progress on the same device I started on

3.i had 4000 people so I need a way to save A.S.A.P

Oh and thanks for trying I didn't explain properly


Unfortunately creating cloud saves is quite complicated (Itch doesn't offer a service for that afaik), but I totally understand that it is would be frustrating to lose such a nice save file! On Android, you should still be able to Export and Import save files via the menu. On iOS, this is unfortunately impossible because iOS doesn't want to play nicely with these files.

I will see what I can do though!


Thanks for the help. Glad I've got android😂

And I really wanna sue crazygames cos my progress (including the world I posted a couple weeks ago) was deleted 

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Am I the only kid here and also the only person playing on crazygames

Edit:I have just read thru I am not the only kid. And florien what is your best world

I'm a kid as well

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"this is my best artwork." says student to teacher. teacher be like omg that's so bad. *student runs away crying*   well here you have it 

Edit: sorry for the bad grammar I'm just so bored

I don't think it looks bad at all! Nicely symmetric and still varied. It looks like an enjoyable place to be, too! :)

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when I play this at school my friends say that the night club and the teleporter both look like people are getting shot at by lasers, I was thinking that you could do a building where that's exactly what happens.

Edit: not that I have any friends, but y'know. 

I do see what your friends mean! But hmm, I don't want the game to get all violent :P But maybe I could do some kind of escape room with lasers!

that would be amazing, thanks   <3

This is a really great game. It was nice to play it all the time.

I think that you need to add the ability to select several buildings, and then copy / cut and paste, this will probably be useful for building large cities and decorating. It may require some cost during cutting and copy with/without upgrades.

I certainly agree that would be very useful, it's just a bit complicated to implement properly as there are quite a lot of edge cases. But I'll see what I can do!

you know how when you click on a building to upgrade it tells you how many buildings of that type there are, could you make something in the bottom right corner next to the pause button to say how many buildings there are in total?


Sure, I can do something like that for the next version!

thanks   <3

made it to 2000 population

Nice, great job! You're pretty much done, but in case you would like to continue you can click on the population counter and increase the pop limit.

Close to getting Secret Society of the Key

this is an amazing game, it has used up hours of my free time. thank you for making it!    :P

You're welcome, thanks for playing it!

Will the steam version be free or paid?

The Steam version will cost a bit of money, as I do need to eat. :) Free versions such as this one will stay available of course, the Steam version will just have new content.

can you say how much it will cost

I'm not sure yet, but it certainly won't be expensive!

phooey, can it just have updates come faster? and have some small, but noticeable advantages

kinda like the Java edition of The final Earth 2



pretty cool!

this is very amazing, I try to build things like this... it doesn't work

use some advanced farms you barbarian! 


where's the machine though?

or was this screenshot before that existed?

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Hi anyone know any secrat codes other than Dance All Night

Ive completed the game on crazy games and want to make it better although there are a few building I can't find

And florien I love the game but can't find out how to subscribe to your mail

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to subscribe to the mail you have to:

1. go into the menu.

2. Click the letter icon.

3. it should be simple from here.

You get a secret code just from subscribing to the mail


no problem

any hints on how to get the cocoa farm and chocolate factory?

Is Hackers of the Bolt HQ an actual building? If it is, then any hints on how to get that?


The cacoa farm and chocolate factory were unfortunately scrapped during development as I didn't really get their appearance right and also didn't really find an use for them.

Hackers of the Bolt HQ will be in an update!

Oh ok. I was wondering about them because they were in the kongregate wiki page for the final earth 2. Now i remembered that there was also a board game shop in  that page, is it also scrapped, or will it be added?


Yeah I know, I think the wiki authors just took all buildings from the game data, but some simply aren't there (yet). :)

I'm not sure about the board game shop yet, but it's quite likely that I'll add it in the future.

btw dominiPOL took that question from me :(


I did see your question, I just thought it would be more useful to reply to the question highest on the page! But I should have replied to yours as well, sorry! :)

Florian would you like any ideas on the graphics design for the cocoa farm and chocolate factory

I have done everything including getting 3 arcades,the machine,and everything else but I cant seem to be able to get the hacker of the bolt hq,How do I get it?

the what

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The hackers of the bolt HQ, the unique building/house. It won't show up or let me make it.

The secret society?

No,it is different. I have that. Look at the kongrate wiki page.

sorry, it doesn't exist


Hi maybe you can change the behaviors a bit because it is very strange to see a four year old go clubbing with a 80 year old

or a 2 year old alone in an arcade for several hours

or a couple of 13 year-olds go to a pub seemingly together on a date

or maybe when A house is populated by 6 year-olds

or A 96 year old chopping down a tree

or a 69 year old women live with three men, and ,soon, that island has 13 residents

BTW all of the above happened in my city, and the men were 93, 16, and 37


Does this game save with the account? If i change computers and log onto my account will my save files still be there?


I'm afraid not; I don't think Itch has an API for that either.

You can export your save files manually from the game menu and transfer them to another computer (then Import there), though!


Ok. Will the exporting work for the full game when it releases on steam? I have a big city i dont wanna lose


Yes, it will! :)

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Ok that's good because i am very close to getting the machine on it.

Edit: Got it!


Nice, sounds like a cool city! :)


This game was deceptively interesting - I got lost in it for a few hours even though I didn't mean to. Good stuff!

What program did you use to make this game? I thought it would be Flash (RIP) or something, but it didn't seem to be any filetype I could recognize. Are you going to be creating a downloadable standalone copy any time soon? Also, any plans for a level editor?


Hi Brancliff! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

This is a HTML5 game, so it uses the <canvas> element and JavaScript to run directly in your browser. I made it using the programming language Haxe (compiled to JavaScript) and the renderer Pixi.JS. If you're interested, see the credits for a full list of libraries.

The upcoming (expanded) Steam version will be downloadable, but I'll think about uploading a downloadable version of the free (and/or expanded) version here as well. Possibly with the next update. :)

I don't have any plans for a level editor right now (custom maps will be possible as mods in the Steam version, though), but maybe in the future!

I no understand.

sandbox mode!


Not obvious that the building must be placed next to the target not on it

Unclear how to set people to a building and how to remove forest

When a business type has full employement change the number colour/fill colour in Assign Workers dialogue?

How is knowledge obtained? Is there an efficient way to speed this up?
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you get knowledge by building labs.

set forest to 'uproot' 

knowledge can be gained easily by getting a ton of labs and gatting the supercomputer


it would be nice if i could download it and play it offline

This game is amazing, the visuals, music and general gameplay is good, great Amazing even!

Hi can you add some sourt of tonle to the game i have huge skyscrapers and the ships have to go over or under I know that the teleporter fixes this but it would still be nice.


Tonle? I don't know what you're trying to say.



ok here is a little theory, the character you play as is a AI, in the first game you were a human, because that game only took course over days, but this one takes the course of many generations, if this is a direct sequel it is likely that it was either a mind upload or a AI built by the leader.

I didn't play the 1st game


then you should be FinalEarth2er


I loved this game! I completed the main game and have now started a free play world, thank you for making this game.

Doesnt load...


Could you provide some more information? What browser are you using? Are you using a script blocker? (if so, make sure to disable it on * Are you blocking third-party cookies? (if so, make sure to disable that on the same domain)

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I dont know how to find any of that out. I am on the itch dowlaoder/browser thingy. i hit download. It downloads. it doesnt launch


It works fine for me on the client. (you do need to click Start). The game will launch in your default web browser. If it still does not work, you can try just playing in your browser directly instead of via the client (

just use CoolMathGames to play it. the link to The Final Earth 2 is right there.

I think it might be interesting to know, but I tried visiting this webpage on Safari on my iPad and the game works! The click, drag and hold controls work and mouse-over windows stayed wherever I clicked, but I couldn't zoom in and out. Obviously, without the keyboard, I couldn't select the people and I can't enter numbers into the job screen. Also, sometimes, the music would get messed up. The full screen button didn't work and the screenshot button soft-locked me.

This is just in case if you're interested in seeing how to game feels on mobile. A couple of things not working right, but for the most part, I would say is a solid experience! It feels so much more satisfying placing these buildings with a touch. I haven't taken a look at it extensively, but I hope this information can be helpful.

I know what it feels like

Good while it lasts

chromebooks are the way to go man!

touchscreens AND keyboards!


Honestly, I was very disappointed with the OG. This one, however, completely made me change my mind. Very good job!! :)

the Original is kinda like a tutorial don't you think?

I would love if this was released on iOS but it’s ok if you can’t that’s fine

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Hey, thanks for your suggestion - it's always good to hear which platforms people would like a game to be on! I'm afraid a mobile port would be a bit complicated. For example, the game would need to support touch controls on small screens much better. Also, Apple requires some costly hardware and licenses. Maybe in the future, though!

When you had the game for computer on CoolMath, mobile works perfectly fine. It might be because the Chromebook is associated with this, but I still don’t see the problem.

You can play it on the mobile site. If you have a tablet computer like an iPad, you should try visiting this site on mobile browser.

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I play on iOS

But my progress always gets deleted

This game is an amazing step up from the first one! I got addicted just after some time!

You should definitely make sprites of connected buildings for every building!

Speaking of which, there needs to be better differentiation between buildings. Some of them look too similar and could be confusing if we happen to put them near each other.

But I still feel that wood is vastly underused in the late game and easily piles up, just sitting there, especially since some important late-game structures passively use up stone, whereas does not seem to be the case with wood.

There's one mechanic that I found significantly interesting was the ability to control the birth rates. It feels like a feature that is possibly more powerful than any other mechanic or structure in the game. Like, set it too low for too long, and you could end up dealing with underpopulation. If you don't exactly want careful management to be a factor here, I think you should create some kind of warning when there's an estimate that you're gonna lose too much population if the existing trend of low births rates continues.

Also, I think it's a little annoying that we can only make blocks over empty space only if both sides of the blocks are connected to another block. It's a welcome addition that building blocks over empty spaces was at least added, though.

Another tool that could definitely be useful is perhaps graphs that can show us some details on change in happiness, population, and various resources.

Also, perhaps allow us to tear alien ruins down when they're fully explored.

I think you should also add some kind of unlockable sandbox mode where we're not bound by resources to build.

And you NEED to allow us to pan around the map with the arrow keys. Zooming out from side and zooming into the opposite side is killing me!


Hey, thanks a lot for all your feedback and ideas! I'm not sure what I will add/change exactly, but I'll probably use some of this!

Question. How exactly do I unlock the secret order house thing?


Hey, it's not a secret society for nothing... :P

But you could try building two teleporters and having 500+ citizens.

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Just saw that you also have the game on Kongregate and that you updated it. Is the version still updated?

Edit: Also, how in the world am I supposed to get 1000 wood in one day?! I built up a huge criss-cross tower of labs with the tree gas upgrade and tree plantations next to a big swath of woodcutting centers and prioritized the jobs to go to the labs, plantations and centers, and happiness is at ~75 because I don't have enough population to fulfill every job, but the speed is still x1.5, but I still can't even get 600 wood a day.

Edit: Nvm

that is by far the toughest of there requirements IMAO

Sorry if this is late but you can move around the map by holding left click and moving your mouse

It really has this interesting "Sim Tower" feel to it. Yoot Saito would be proud!

i cant play..?

 Try downloading webGL to your system, or try downloading unity web player and restart your browser.


use chrome because Firefox or Opera does not recognize webGL.


What do you see? Does the game not load (and if so, do you see a loading bar), or does it load but can't you play for another reason?

i just doesnt load. like ill press the launch button and it will start loading for a second and then stop and the game wont come up. ever.


Hm, alright, thanks for your description! I've not seen this before. What browser are you using? Are you using any special browser extensions? And could you try pressing Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer console and copy/screenshot any errors you see there?

trust me, im positive everything is in order :(


Alright, I'm afraid I can't help you then :(


Sometimes it takes a while to load as I have seen. It all depends on network connection


im sad that the game gets boring once u beat both scenarios. :(


I agree 


sandbox mode anyone?

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