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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.


The is the game of all time

This game is ridiculously fun! I'm up at 5:30 AM just to play the game!


I've been playing this game for awhile and I just got the paid version on Steam, because I beat this version four times. I was expecting it to be the same, and I was kinda just buying it to support the creator.

As it turns out, I am very happy with my purchase. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time playing it. My brother apparently gets Steam friend notifications whenever I open the app, and he recently asked me why the hell I like the game so much.

Anyway, the paid version includes many of the suggestions in this comment section. I'm not spoiling which ones, but they're fun. 

It also includes more scenarios, more groups with missions, fish, frogs, and creatures not otherwise specified. 

I know it's in the scenarios but idk which one, does anyone know how to make the upscale restaurants or how to get the prompt to unlock them?

I think that's in the "City Of The Key" scenario.

Does anyone know how the Secret Society of the Key chooses which pub to claim? the building for the secret society of the key is down near the left and there is a pub right next to it but they seem to not want to go there. 

I think the pub they choose is the first pub that you make in the world, but I'm not 100% on it

its the one with the key on it

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I've run out of rocks and I don't know how to get more apart from reclaiming materials from buildings. Please help.

Edit: I've restarted and now I realise that I get the prompt for the rock teleporter only after I make my citizens happy. 

I love this game so much


First major city, be kind


I wish I could build something that cool!

oh my god, HOW????

I like this game! It's an endless simulation and coolmathgames sucks, it only has some of the features in this game. Original rules, the non-original drools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for some reason, my production will stop or go from 2000 a day to 10 a day and my happiness is 85 and I have enough jobs for everything it will go from going well and then completely dropping

You should add supports so you can have tunnels and trees in your building

 hey if i close out of this game and go to a different one, will it save my progress?

Yes I just did it, it works

okay thank you!!!!!

i liek this game


also whats the biggest building ya ever? made heres mine 


holy shit


idk how big it was but take a tower of 2 alien houses with enough room for 4k people

wasss good ppl i challenge you all to do tha best you can do with drumroll please...... botanical gardens! heres a example i madegood luck winner gets a cokkie!

this is on coolmathgames here

I have been following Hedwig since he was 3 years old and now he's 27 and just went to the N club for the first time :) :0

It is amazing. Thank you for making it available on here for free as I am no longer able to use steam.


I have played this through so many times and although I don't have access to my old saves on my new mac, this is still one of my all-time favorite games. The only problem I ever have is that sometimes I get attached to a specific citizen and I just watch them age too long and I can't save them and now I'm sad

4 ish Hours in And This Is What I got

Slight Update Not By Much Though


Ok So Your Gonna Have To My Word For It But, I Built Like 5 Holo Game Hall On The Bottom Right Island Because I Wanted More Then A 9 Yr Old Teleports There And Stays There And Like 8 Seconds Later A 79 Yr Old Teleports There Walks Up To The 9 Yr Old And The 9 Yr Old Follows Here.


Second Pic

I don't understand how you guys build some of the stuff you do, I've been playing this game everyday this week and hardly have anything done


"Follow citizen" ... I followed Emili, 86-years-old. She spent most of her time at the nightclub.


That's my retirement plan


can you make a glue factory? it would use wood, and you can glue buildings onto the sides of another building, so you can build into space.

maybe you can add raiding aliens too. and have a big vault(unique) with like 2000 food storage in case of catastrophes or something like that

try to reach 8000000000000000 food.




when will the final earth 3 come out?

I owe a ton of screenshots, so I'll come back withe edits. Mostly: the way the cubes stack and combine is genius. There are hidden variants, different combinations among building types ... [spoiler] the time it took me to realize the blossoms went together was ouch but building them was fun.

If you build a tall tree, they creep up and down on the trunk. It's fantastic.

The flaw is not so much with *this* game, but this genre of game is built on formulas from a capitalist fever dream. The language that working-aged people without designated jobs are unfulfilled is telling! This site is full of people programming games and assets for fun; are they unfulfilled?

Not to mention, where are the janitorial jobs? Other games have those. Where's sanitation and toilets? That too, well, stinks of classism. Again, that's not a deliberate ploy or something, that's just how the formulas were set up since the Sims days.

The parks, gardens, and other public spaces not having superintendents: also classist. Who's maintaining the elevators? Piloting?? Somebody does it, as long as it's not me... "unskilled" labor doesn't seem real, right? If the answer is robots, trust me robotics industry will tell you someone always has to be employed to Fix The Robots. I understand that the game has to scale up from the ground, but maybe an upgrade that adds maintenance? Also, if having a little dude hang out constantly ruins the aesthetic, then assign them shorter hours, so you'll have the open space for great screengrabs. If you really, really need that Holoroom to be unmanned, at least consider ... a tech support division?

That's the biggest imbalance in the game. I only now got to 97% employment rate after like 700 years, and that's adding a whole lot of blocks that didn't contribute back into the system. If just the restaurants employed 3 people - front of house, service, back of house, that would've solved everything and allowed me my design as well.

Last but not least the art is sublime. love it.

So here's my laundry list:

  • only one escape room? boo! many escape rooms! it's such a fun color scheme, too.
  • this is a small thing, but alien research is over-saturated, and frankly clashes terribly (at least on my monitor). It also feels like it should have rounded or cut corners, like it's a spaceship module that got converted to research tent. once you stack octagons, those look *great*
  • are the pubs supposed to look like the bar and chairs spell "inn"? also there's a mysterious pub that doesn't look like the rest, screenie coming
  • again: sanitation. osha. waste management is tracking viruses IRL, are they not essential? this could be another tree for the hospital
  • what would blow this game open is water management
  • alien housing can't stop there. this is sci-fi, after a certain point they should trigger something. like some conjunction with alien research and number of houses, maybe transform the supercomputer. that'd be sick.
  • tinkerers also seemed like a dead end with lots of potential
  • the charts and graphing is great! it's edging to 'good teaching tool', seriously. it would completely eat up processing, but could there be a room usage / population count? maybe daily, it doesn't have to be realtime
  • random stuff like if you have a pub next to open air, you can pay them to randomly drop things from high places. just to do it. it's low gravity, probably no one will die!
  • this'll probably be a pain, a huge pain, but is there any way to get super young children to be housed with older people? i don't mind them traipsing into pubs or whatever, let them dance. or short of that, add an extra cost to housing for the robo-nanny, until they're a certain age. that would also be a better visualization of how many generations are cycling through.
  • mushrooms
  • got flowers? why not add bees? warm yellow would also go great in the palette. it could be a whole build-tree. get a solid beeswax room full of honey
  • if the flying saucers stop running, have an added feature to fly tours. or pay per tour, even better resource sink. i'd burn food just to make the flying thing fly, haha
  • spas could be cheaper precursors to the hospital, too. hygiene is so important. also where do they get their hair cut?

there's probably more, bbl

So yeah decided to play this again and decided that autoclick helps a lot when you want to nuke your city while keeping your resources. Yeah it lags a lot but still fun to play Oh No some random yeet commie republic emerged

Karl Marx be like: UTOPIA UNLOCKED.

I think you should add an crime and police system

also a bank

and a armory

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I really really like this game. My one note is I wish there were more groups to give missions.

Like all commenters, I have some modest unsolicited suggestions.

Or a historical society that wants you to build a museum and various replicas of things?

Or a worker's union that wants you to unlock and implement weekends, sick leave, and shorter workdays?

Maybe an animal rights group that wants you to clone and humanely house extinct animals? (could be a way to emphasize your message about elephants and expand it to other animals as well)

A disability rights group that wants transportation to be more accessible? 

A second cult that occasionally has conflicting interests with the Society of the Key?

Missions from the art colony, like home decor house upgrades, different types of art museum, or art classes at the schools?

A music society that wants music classes, a symphony hall, recording studios, and local radio stations?

A stargazing society that wants you to build a planetarium and rooftop houses with skylights?

Two opposing sports clubs, where you have to balance their contradictory requests? Like, they provide more entertainment if they're evenly matched, so you can't favor one over the other.

Maybe more hippie missions too. What if there were a wider variety of garden buildings (park, botanical garden, herb garden, sculpture garden, arboretum, orchard, playground, topiary garden, duck pond, dog park, community garden, flower garden, etc) and the hippies wanted you to build a variety?

I also really appreciate your elephant message by the way. I think games are an important tool in educating people about animals like elephants and orca that they might not be able to see in person.

awesome idea

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game does not open in a computer

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Твоя игра в моей стране забанена, это потому что ты ублюдок?

I think it would be better if the "Hacking Alien Tech" Scenario was a bit longer and had more features, like discovering stuff after you built the Alien Decryptor or something. Just a suggestion.

i have 0 rocks and i cant find any whyyy.

That's because you used up all the disponible rock on the world. If you haven't built a rock teleporter yet, you're stuck, the only solution is to restart the scenario :(

you can sell your buildings for resources

Max Happiness with 10k


i actually like this game. it has effort and care put into it. that's a lot better than the friday night funkin stuff on



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I wish I could put tress onto of building. I mean, like a open roof park. Like the observatory, only on roofs or floors.

6k population, I hate flower penthouses 


I tried my best

man you got the stendo' nightclub

just curious, how many botanical gardens did you stack at the top?

so much it takes about 3 to 4 in game years to get to the bottom

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