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I like how my misdirector is so close to my teleporter that if I activate overclock almost all 3100 of them get stuck in an infinite loop

Hey man, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your game. I've been playing it a bunch for years. 

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i really like the game my only complaint is that when the ppl are unhappy there are too many alerts, especially since they are so intrusive. maybe just something right above the happy meter or make it blink red. but the whole pop every few moments is annoying for me when im trying to focus on fixing the happiness...and i just realized it also pauses the game...

Can u make everything unlocked like all buildings unlocked in creative mode please

creative mode? how do you do that

I haven't played for about 6 months, were there any new updates that I missed?

updates are on the steam version

the most updated free version is on poki

its becuse i play on a school laptop that canot run steam or at school

also love your work mate

Game Over

can you plases make it downloadablw on an older version?

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Hi, if you want a downloadable version of the game you can get it on Steam! Is there a reason you want an older version?


I played just a bit you know... (I had to dig around in the games code to increase the population limit beyond 10000, ive got 56 000 Chads living in Zandrycity right now. Also, my colony extends upwards quite a bit, but the game wont let me take a picture bigger than this


I made a big rectangle (im adding more)

Is this in the Steam version?

One of my builds.

(Starting to play on itch now)
Do you guys have the same problems as me? I’ve built some fantastic builds with great strategy, almost complete, when i have to get off. I don’t have the export button (maybe because i’m playing on ipad on browser?) so i can’t save. The end up come back and seeing the annoying new player screen. I click import but have nothing to import because I can’t export. What am I doing with my life?

Hi, Apple doesn't make it possible to export saves in mobile device browsers. You can save and export in the app though, it has a free version:

Thanks. By the way your game is very engaging. If you are fine with an update idea, you can ask me for one. Good luck!


sometimes u just gotta love the music


also how are the names generated? Because I found this in follow citizen:

Name: Stu

Age: 0

Education: Poor

He likes pubs

He's homeless now cuz I destroyed his house

He likes modern art

He's 18 now


He's 2


I'm following a guy

You need like a looooooooooot of farms. (I mean a lot). Also an experimental farm would help. 


add war

what if you ran out of resources? like i mined all the stones now what? desperate help please

build a rock teleporter if u have enough parts.


if you dont have anything else press restart

new buildings u should add.

Wood cutting research center. unique. cost 750 stone 50 machine parts 50 refined metals and 1250 knowledge. produces knowledge for the amount of wood cutting center workers and amount of wooden house residents also allows you to research some tree plantation, wood cutting center, and wooden house upgrades. 3 workers. build at least 10 wooden houses, 25 wood cutting centers, 15 tree plantations, and a refined metals factory to unlock this building.

alien ruins teleporter. production. cost 20 wood 10 stone 20 machine parts and 50 knowledge. teleports alien ruins to this world so you will never run out of alien ruins. 1 worker. build at least 5 exploration centers to unlock this building.

Hey, did I accidentally screw myself?

I am playing the final hacker mission for the laste tons of hours and in the hippie story line, I didnt find the protected forest to built anywhere, so I went the alternative route to solve it.
however the missiona fter that now requires community homes which arent unlocked for me.

only due to internet googling now, I know that i would have unlocked those by building protected forsts at that one mission.
which i skipped.

i now know how to "built" protected foests but creating any of thems till doesnt unlock community homes.

guess it doesnt unlock since I am no longer in that certain  hippie mission where they should have been planted.

what to do now?

cant i finish the story line sinc I didnt built a protected forest at that time and solved the problem otherwise?

HELP please :-/

I've spent eons on this current mission, having beaten the other 2 story lines, so I REALLY dont wanna start over jsut cause of some sh itty trees -.-


best game on


I rarely buy anything on steam, but this one is most certainly worth it. 

This game started as a 5-minute time challenge with a simple concept and within several years, whoosh, now it's a masterpiece that you'll never get bored with. It's not just a management game. It's an architectural artwork.

I am just so glad that you kept on working on this project and I am very grateful for your hard work. Thank you for your dedication and we will always support your amazing masterpieces. Thank you.

(I'm trying to learn how to mod and failing miserably lol)

And yes I'm seriously struggling with curves.


how did u get those flying buildings?

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he's 76! plus i made some arcades.

he STILL skygazes every night.

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bruh he's 56. :D btw he's a fan of modern art


he's 20! (still stargazes every night) yay!


he climbs onto some alien ruins every night, so its easy to find him if i unselect him


i'm following a kid called felicio. it's fun 


Improved first world scenario and finished the second a while ago, now im on alien tech

First World:

Second World:

In freeplay

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my city v.1 and v.2



I was bored in class, then I remembered this game and thought I forgot about this account's login, but surprisingly I got it on the first try. This is what I came up with, after being inactive for 2 years. Everything is maxed out and all of the buildings are unlocked. Not all buildings are present, like the pod house but it feels like a waste of space imo.


win10 game doesn't even launch. crashes before showing anything and without an errorcode or anything.


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The music is addictive for me kinda anyone else has this problem

sorry for being incapable in the ways of the English language as I’m not native to it with my tongue 



my goofy ahh society

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