Hackers & Hippies Update

The Hackers and Hippies Update has finally been released! It contains a lot of new features, including a new scenario and many new buildings. I recommend starting a new city so you experience everything at the intended pace, but you can use the new buildings in an existing city too!

  • A new scenario, in which you discover some alien influences on your newest outpost!
  • The Hackers of the Bolt are great hardware hackers and tinkerers. They'll have fun and interesting inventions for you! Some are more useful than others.
  • The Blossom Hippies love flowers, peace and music. Dine under tree blossom, or organize your own Woodstock with the brand-new Festivals feature!
  • Plus other new buildings, for 20+ new buildings in total, including the Mining Research Center to help you get stone more quickly!
  • New Upgrades, too!
  • A new All Upgrades view.
  • And lots more!

I also want to mention the new music tracks; they have already been added before but I've not mentioned them in a release note before.

Have fun!


Tip: to unlock the new content in an existing city, place down one of each factory to trigger some checks.


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is this update available on the web version?

como faço para jogar

Wow! Thanks Flori! I loved playing your games on Coolmath when I was little (like, 2017). I felt so excited to learn that you had an itch.io account and I've been following it ever since! (That came out more creepy than I thought it would, in short I really love you and you're work dude. ;3)

Which one is the new scenario?

YES YES YES I must p l a y

thank you!!! <3<3<3<3

You're very welcome!!! <3<3<3<3<3


I hope you've enjoyed the update!

Thanks! i cant wait to play it on steam

Awesome! For whatever reason I love this game and have played the prior version 100s of times. Really looking forward to the new content! Thank you! :)