Further balancing + a few new tiles

Hey, thanks for playing WorldShaper Idle! I just uploaded a small update, which contains balancing improvements, a few new tiles and more.

Rocks buff
I've added three new rock-related tiles. One of them in particular should help make using rocks a more viable strategy. In addition, the bonus productions and some base productions of mining villages have been increased.

Further changes to desert bonus
I already nerfed deserts yesterday, but it turns out this wasn't enough to make deserts a fun and balanced part of the game, instead of the only possible strategy. The main issue is that anything else you place is hugely penalized, because each of your desert villages gets a lower bonus. This makes it basically impossible to make any other strategy viable, especially after you expand the map, because it doesn't just need to be good but also be good enough to beat that huge penalty. This makes the game far less interesting. Therefore, the desert bonus now has a limit of 15 tiles. In addition to the buffs to other strategies, this should make it viable again to use other types of villages and ports.

Clear Map Button
As often requested, I added a button to clear your whole map. Another request has been to add a way to quickly replace multiple tiles; you can already do this with ctrl+drag.

Other small changes
I also made some other changes for better balancing and pacing. For example, water is discovered slightly later, while mushroom forests are discovered a bit earlier, and cost a bit less.

A note on balancing
This game right now is a prototype state. That means there may be a lot of changes, including more changes to the balance and pacing of the game. If you don't want that, it may be better to wait playing until the dust has settled a bit. Constructive feedback on balancing is of course always very welcome!

Note that you may start running into rather long waits later in the game, after doing a few expansions. This is to be expected, as there is no new content for these parts (yet).

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