Towers Update

Hi! I've just released a new update for WorldShaper Idle. It introduces towers, and also has some other cool new stuff including basic mobile web support and fullscreen support.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Towers are a new tile type. Each tower needs to be unique (if you build more than one, it won't work) and gives some special bonuses within a certain range. Some may help you with your current strategy, while some make completely unique strategies possible.
    There's a dozen towers right now, and more will be introduced later. They are quite expensive, so choose which bonuses you want carefully, especially when you just unlock them!
  • One other new tile
  • Basic mobile web support. This isn't great, yet. For example, zoom isn't supported yet. But better than nothing!
  • On desktop, there's full screen support. Also, zoom is now supported in a basic way, by using Ctrl+Scroll or the + and - keys.
  • Some slight rebalancing. In particular, non-desert witches and wizards are a bit better than before. Ports are cheaper initially, but get less benefit from cost reductions after the first few. Growing the map is a bit cheaper than it would be before after the first few times.


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Im confused by the towers, are the a placable tile, or an upgrade of an existing one?

They are a placeable tile, you unlock it at 15000 production